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We have built the platform that will get your law firm online quicker and cheaper.

And, we deliver a website within 28 days!


Great Design Elements

We’re inspired by great law firm web design. LegalPress delivers high quality design, hand-crafted at a fraction of the cost your firm would pay elsewhere.

Everything in One Place

You get a safe, secure, fully managed website and lightning-fast hosting and best of all, instead of it being spread across multiple sources, everything you need for effective online marketing is in one place for you to access.

Your Marketing Unlocked

We know that you want control over your law firm’s website. That’s why we have front-ended everything you need to stop hassling web designers and incurring unnecessary costs in having them add content, images etc. You can do it all yourself.

We Give You All the Information You Need

See a sample of our WordPress video tutorials.

Adding a Blog Post

Updating your website with a regular news article of blog post is a great way to ensure your legal firm is in touch with your clients. Learn how to upload your latest blog.

Adding an Image

You know how many web design companies will charge you for adding an image to your blog post, this is an example video to show you how to do it yourself.